Transfer Your Rental Property

It is easy to transfer your rental property in Brisbane to the team at Paramount Private Property Management.

To transfer your rental property, simply email your Hands on Business Owner and Lead Property Manager – and we will handle the rest, you don’t even need to make contact with your previous agent again if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. Please note that having a lease in place does not prevent you from changing Property Managers.

We will contact you to start preliminary discussions about the ongoing care of your rental property. We will also at this time advise your previous agent of the impending change over, attempt to organise an inspection of your investment property and make arrangements to collect all vital documents relevant to your property along with keys and remote controls etc.

By law we are not able to act on your behalf without a Form 6 signed by you.  We will meet with  you if you are able and  spend some time talking to you to make sure we understand your property and all of your requirements, we will bring along the Form 6 for your signature.  Generally we cannot begin looking after your rental property until the stated time for release from your management agreement with your previous agent has lapsed, this is usually 30 days from the date they receive termination advice.

– Unfortunately you are bound by this particular clause and the only way to be released earlier is by mutual agreement in writing.  In order to expedite matters and avoid prolonged disruption to you and your tenants we will offer to pay the remaining management fees to your previous agent, most reasonable Property Managers will agree to this arrangement provided there are no outstanding maintenance invoices etc.

– We will advise your tenants of the change of Property Manager and give them instructions on how to pay their rent, how to contact us etc.   We will keep in close contact with you every step of the way.

 From the date of commencement noted on the Form 6  we can begin formally looking after you and your investment. We will schedule an inspection, which you are most welcome to attend, if we have not been able to gain access previously so that we can meet the tenants, determine the rent rate is at the least at market value, as well the general condition of the property.