You will notice our testimonials are a little different in that our clients have given us permission to print their contact information. You are most welcome to contact them if you wish to talk to some happy clients.


“Thank You Paula, for all the hard work you have put in to renting our property in Brisbane.  All I can say is, you are Refreshing, Straight Forward, Professional and a Breath of Fresh Air.

You have been invaluable to myself and my business partner. Paula, your ability to listen, see and embrace our vision for our property was extraordinary.  I will never deal with a “traditional” real estate agent again, not if I can help it.   You understood what we were trying to achieve and that our property falls within a really unique market.  Thank you once again, Paula your knowledge and  ‘know how’ helped us achieve a great rental result for out property.  Love your work!”


Jacinta P   Phone: 0432 372 874


“After serious ongoing and frustrating problems we experienced with other letting agents  a colleague in the property industry recommended I contact Paula Fysh of Paramount Private Property Management, I’m so glad that we did…

Paula impressed me with her willingness to listen to our ideas, ability to see the potential, her honesty in discussing what could be done,  her undoubted knowledge of professional property management, her ethics and her personal style.  Our property is now leased  for 12 months to exactly the client it was designed for.  Paula is taking great care of the tenants and our property. I recommend Paula to all my friends.”  


Liz Martin Dickison

Environmental Building Consultant




“Working with Paula and her team at Paramount Private Property Management has been an eye opening experience …I thought all Property Managers were the same and it didn’t really matter who you went with, until I had major problems with my previous agent and had the good fortune to be referred to the team at Paramount by one of their clients.  I now have a much more positive outlook on the property management industry as a whole.  Paula will take the time to sit down with you, listen to what you have to say and then follow through in exactly the way you expect.  My tenants are happy and are planning to stay on long term,  I get paid religiously on time every time, I am getting a much better return than I was previously even though the management fees are slightly higher than I was paying. My property even looks better because the tenants are happier, maintenance is done in a proactive manner with a long term approach to saving me money in the future.  I rarely have to call Paula and when I do she is always available to talk to me for as long as I need.  I no longer worry about what the hell is going on and I have complete confidence that my rental property is being taken care of with my financial best interests at heart.  All my future investment properties will be handed over to Paramount Private Property Management without a second thought  and I strongly recommend them to any Brisbane property investors.”  


David S

0417 649 575