Information for Landlords – Your Property Manager

Proactive Professional Property Managers

As specialist Property Managers with a focus purely on rental properties in Brisbane, we love Property Management and it shows!

Because we are so passionate about looking after you and your rental property we do the best job possible for you, not only because we live and breathe Brisbane Property Management but because our Property Managers are also property investors themselves so we understand your needs and your priorities with regard to your rental property. We care for your investment property as though it were our own.
Our Clients enjoy the advantages that come from having the Business Owner being hands on as a Senior Property Manager. It means she has a vested interest in providing the best possible service to you as a client. A very small sample of the personal focus on you is below:

  • She will have personally met you if you are in Brisbane and will know you by name.
  • She will know what you discussed the last time you spoke and what has been done about it since.
  • She will have personally chosen and vetted your tenants.
  • She will personally carry out all routine inspections and prepare the report for your records.
  • She will personally invite and accompany you to routine inspections, should you wish to attend.
  • As a result of the above she will know your property extremely well and will be able to answer most of your questions on the spot.
  • She has the flexibility to cater to any special requests you have for the management of your rental property.
  • She will ensure no maintenance is carried out without your prior knowledge.
  • She is available by telephone, she will take your calls and answer all of your queries or concerns.
  • She will call you straight back if she cannot answer your call immediately.


We carried out a Property Management survey on a group of Landlords in Brisbane

We have surveyed a group of Landlords  in Brisbane and found that their greatest issues with Property Managers are:

  • Lack of Communication  – we welcome and encourage open communication, we are available on mobile to our Landlords at all times…if we cannot answer the phone immediately we will return your call within 2 hours.  We will keep you regularly updated on all aspects of your rental property, so you know if there is a rent arrears situation or a maintenance issue well before you get your statement.  We will even touch base with you at times just to tell you that everything is running smoothly with your property at the moment.  After every routine inspection we will call you within 24 hours to let you know how it went.  You will know as soon as your tenants indicate they are planning to move and we will seek your instructions before signing up new tenants.
  • Errors in Statements – all data that is entered into our systems is cross checked, we also physically review each and every statement to ensure it is accurate and correct before it gets to you rather than blindly sending them out and hoping you don’t notice any errors.
  • Unauthorised Maintenance – All maintenance carried out on your rental property is done so in strict accordance with the information you specified originally, of course this can be altered to suit your needs at any time.  Your instructions are entered electronically onto our system so we always know what your latest instructions are.  We will generally advise you of any maintenance we have organised on your behalf as a matter of courtesy anyway.
  • Delays in Renting your Property – We Guarantee we will rent your property within three weeks and if we don’t we’ll pay you the listed rent until it is.  Contact us now to find out how to take advantage of this offer.  Taking too long to find a tenant for your rental property can happen for many reasons such as; your Property Manager has too many properties to handle at one time; they do not have enough support; they can’t be bothered showing the property to every tenant that requests an inspection and would prefer to wait until sufficient appointments have been made for the weekly group showing; the property has not been advertised in an appealing manner with enough detail to interest prospective tenants; see our section “Why Isn’t My Property Renting” for more information on this topic. Because Property Management in Brisbane is our core focus each and every rental property that is available for rent becomes “high priority” in our system, we understand the return on your investment is vital to your investment strategy so finding you the best tenant  in the shortest possible timeframe is our goal.
  • Your Phone calls and emails go unanswered and ignored – Generally there are only a few reasons why your calls and emails enquiring about your rental property are not responded to and they should be of major concern to you.  Either your Property Manager does not know the answer, does not want to tell you the answer, is too busy to talk to you, or no longer works there, whatever the reason it is unacceptable, so it is our policy that no phone messages or emails go unanswered. In most cases your if we cannot answer your call immediately, we will return your call within 2 hours but at the very least  before we leave the office for the day we guarantee that every single telephone call and email has been answered.  That is the way we do business.
  • Rent Arrears -We Guarantee your rent will be paid on time and if it isn’t we’ll pay you…contact us now for more details.   Have you not found out that your tenant is behind in paying their rent until you got your statement?  This can put some Landlords under serious duress, they then have to find the money to meet mortgage payments  or may have already missed one as they were unaware the funds were not deposited as usual until it is too late. Others are frustrated that their Property Manager could not be bothered with a phone call to let them know about the rental arrears situation and what they will be doing to rectify the matter.  We will let you know as soon as your tenant is three days in arrears, they are also reminded at this time that rent arrears are not tolerated and we will take all appropriate action in line with legislation.
  • High Staff Turnover – Do you feel as though every time you call your Property Manager you have to talk to someone new again?  High staff turnover is a problem experienced by Agencies that either overwork or underpay (or both) their staff.  Generally a new Property Manager is given too many properties to look after,  and very little training or support.  If there have been several property managers before them there are likely large problems and a lot of unhappy Landlords that need attention.  They try to do their best but eventually give up and move on.  How do we know this?   We’ve worked for agencies exactly like this.    At Paramount Private Property Management there is no turnover because your Property Manager is also the business owner, she has a vested interest in doing the best possible job for you because her business success depends solely on your success.  At Paramount Private Property Management in Brisbane your Property Manager has a whole lot more to lose than an employee who can leave their job anytime things get too difficult and find another job with another real estate.
  • Dealing with Too Many People – Have you called your Property Manager lately with a couple of queries, first you talk to the receptionist, then she transfers you to a Property Manager who doesn’t know that answer to your question so she transfers you to accounts, they don’t know the answer so they transfer you to maintenance who still doesn’t know the answer so they transfer you back to another Property Manager who has no idea so they send you back to reception who takes a message that you know will never get returned.  Sound familiar?  Neither that scenario nor anything like it will ever happen to a client of ours.  If we are in the office we will answer your query then and there and you only need to talk to one person ever and that is your Property Manager.  If we are out of the office we will still be available on mobile…we know all of our properties extremely well and can probably answer your questions, if not we will call you the same day after we have referred to our files.  As a much treasured client of Paramount Private Property Management you will only ever have to talk to one person – Your Property Manager.

Be Wary of Managing your Investment Property yourself

Managing your rental property yourself or hiring the cheapest agent in town may seem like a good idea at first but when something goes wrong, you may find you’re not quite sure what to do or how to do it.  Legislation is becoming stricter and more complex, dodgy tenants are getting smarter, the risk is high if you are not licensed and insured.

Do you really want to get out of bed at 5 a.m. on a cold winter morning because your tenants have no hot water, or the sewer has overflowed?  Do you really want to be knocking on their door every week trying to collect unpaid rent?  Do you really want them to know where you live?

A low fee or non-specialist agent will likely not particularly care, it is probably easier for them to lose the management and leave you to clean up their mess than it is to fix it.  After all their fees are so low it doesn’t give them much motivation to put up with the hassle of a stressed or cranky Landlord.

Property Management on any given day…

As a Property Manager, days can be hectic, challenging and sometimes even frightening but they can also be fascinating and extremely rewarding when we positively overcome those challenges or spend some time with a favourite client.

On any given day we can deal with any number of issues relating to the properties we manage and the people associated with them including fire, suicide, domestic violence, abandoned pets, flooded kitchens, trees falling onto homes, burst hot water systems to name a few and that’s before we even think about meeting the minefield of legislative requirements that now exist in Queensland.  Are those the sort of things you would like to deal with at 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning?

Often Property Managers are thought as just being the ones who find tenants and then sit back and collect the rent…I can assure those days of old are long gone!

Property Management today is a constantly evolving profession that requires diligence, regular education, a strong focus and strict adherence to legislative requirements, such as the new pool fencing laws, smoke detector maintenance, trust account laws to name a few.

If you don’t have a passion for what you do, you will never get as good at it as someone who is.

Engage a Passionate Professional Property Manager

Engaging a Property Manager who is passionate about what they do is a far better option for you than someone who is just doing a job to pay the bills or until something better comes along, after all they will be looking after your asset worth several hundred thousand dollars, they are likely not paid enough to care too much and have way too many properties for one person to handle so they are bogged down in paperwork and are not attending to rent arrears, maintenance, they are probably not returning your calls either because they would rather avoid the conversation about rent arrears, long vacancy periods, or maintenance carried out without their knowledge.    Eventually they will leave this job and find another one because it has all gotten too hard, where does this leave you as the Landlord?

We can look after the following types of rental properties for you, provided they are in Brisbane.

  • Studios
  • Flats
  • Highrise Apartments and Units
  • Townhouses
  • Villas
  • Queenslanders
  • Colonials
  • Modern
  • Postwar and
  • Executive Homes
  • Small commercial/retail/industrial sites