What do Tenants look for?

Tenant Considerations when comparing rental properties, what does a tenant look for when making a decision?

  1. The rent – is it comparable to similar properties?
  2. Location – are transport, shops, schools, entertainment easily accessible?
  3. Cleanliness – Generally the cleaner the house, regardless of its age the cleaner your tenants.
  4. Security – Can the property be secured?  Are there security screens and doors, is there an electronic alarm?
  5. Comfort – is there air conditioning and heating, are fans provided, is the property bright and airy rather than dark and gloomy?  Are bedrooms roughly even in size?
  6. Well Maintained – all fixtures and fittings are in good working order.
  7. Low Maintenance – choose easy care flooring and window coverings and an easy care garden.
  8. The neighbourhood – is the neighbourhood relatively safe, with quiet neighbours and streets free of heavy traffic.