The six most common questions tenants will ask before they apply for your rental property

Tenants will ask these six questions before they apply for your rental property.

Your Tenants will want answers to the following:

1. Which utilities are Included?

Knowing whether gas, water, or electricity are included in the monthly rent will give tenants a perspective on how much they’ll actually be paying every month, which will affect their budget and lifestyle.

2. What kind of maintenance can they expect?

The answer to this question will give tenants a guide to how likely issues are to get fixed, and what the turnaround time usually is.

3. What are my responsibilities as a tenant?

There will likely be some small tasks they are responsible for as a tenant. These can range from the obvious (don’t let garbage pile up) to the less obvious .

4. Are they allowed to personalize the space?

Most tenants like to personalize their living space a little. This might includes anything, from painting, to installing furniture that may be attached to the walls, to larger projects.

5. What is the subleasing policy?

Though they’ll technically be locked in by the terms of the lease, they may be able to get some additional flexibility by being able to sublease the apartment to someone else.

6. What are the terms of the bond?

Getting that security deposit back can seem like a long way off, but when that time comes, they’ll be thankful you know what is required of them to get their money back.