Mould is a Major Issue for Rental Properties

Mould is a major issue for Rental Properties. It can cause serious illness to tenants and cost landlords thousands of dollars if not treated correctly.

Mould is one of the most primitive organisms that inhabit this world. Responsible for decomposing organic matter, mould is vital to the maintenance of the world we live in. Although this isn’t a problem in the outdoors, it becomes a serious problem when it begins to inhabit the indoor environment we live in.

This contamination leads to numerous health conditions including allergies, infections, skin damage, organ damage, vascular damage and various other ailments. Most are so insidious that health professionals struggle to pinpoint the reason for chest infections or never ending illnesses, that in fact are the result of mould growth within a property.

See Identifying Mould for more information.

For assistance with eradicating mould from your Brisbane rental property call the Mould Men on 130060 59 60 or check out their website.