Investment Properties Brisbane – Are you Storm Season Savvy?

Investment Properties Brisbane – Are you Storm Season Savvy? Research based on one thousand Australian households revealed “more than half admitted they do not clear their gutters and two – thirds revealed they don’t get their roof checked.” This contributes to the millions of dollars of storm damage  insurance claims in Brisbane each year.  With storm season approaching, taking simple actions now could ensure your investment properties Brisbane avoid water damage and major inconvenience to your tenants and costly repairs to yourself. Simple steps can be taken to minimise the potential for damage to your investment properties Brisbane. – Clean gutters and downpipes – leaf litter and debris can cause the gutters to overflow into roof cavities causing internal damage to ceilings, walls and floors or even ceiling collapse. – Have your roof checked – screws and tiles come loose over time making it a necessary household item to maintain.  A professional will check all screws, eaves, tiles and materials to ensure they are all in good condition. – Clear external drains – remove leaves or other debris away from drains and fix any that are blocked or slow running.  This will help prevent water damming and back flooding into garages and ground level of your home. -Trim trees and overhanging branches near the house – Tree trimming can be dangerous, so please use professional tree contractors or ask the council or energy company to check trees that may pose a threat to your property or power lines. – Put the Toys away – Secure any loose items around your home and garden that could potentially cause damage if blown around in high winds (such as gardening equipment, outside furniture and toys). – Protect yourself – check you have adequate home, building and contents insurance that cover unexpected events like storm damage.  A little insurance now, can save you in the long run.