Identifying Mould in Your Rental Property and Steps to avoid Mould growth.

Mould can be hard to identify  as it can look like dust or dirt.  In most cases mould releases a musty smell that travels throughout the property.  Mould can range in colour from thick black, green to yellow or can be a very subtle white powdery coat.  The first signs of mould are usually visible on windows, doors and ceilings.   Below is a guide of what you and your Property Manager can look for during an inspection, and also some good safeguard procedures that can carried out to reduce mould growth to your investment property.

  • Ensure water drainage is diverted away from the house
  • Install appropriate ventilation systems such as whirly birds and exhaust fans.
  • Clean and maintain the roof and gutters.
  • Ensure the foundation of the building is higher than the garden beds.
  • Trim trees and vegetation back from the house.

If you or your property managers suspects you have mould in your rental property, contact the Mould Men on 1300 60 59 60 or