Simple Tip No. 1 to Get a Better Rent on Your Investment Property

Finding rental properties with enough cupboard space can be a challenge for tenants.  Have a look at your property through a tenant’s eyes and see if you could  install built in wardrobes or cupboards in places such as under the stairs or at the end of a hallway.

Space for the man of the house to escape to is also prized by tenants so if you can find a corner in the garden to build a  shed, you’ll find tenants will value your property over those that don’t provide adequate storage.

Create extra protected space for cars particularly if you are likely to have more than one or two adults in the property, a full garage or carport isn’t necessary as there are plenty of temporary cheaper alternatives such as shade sails that can meet your needs.

If your tenants have only signed a short six month lease and tend to move regularly  it is likely they will not unpack all of their belongings and/or will want to store their packing boxes.

Keep in mind that storage space needs to be secure and protected from the elements, if you can meet this need you’ll find you can charge more rent than a property that has no or limited storage space.